Drawing up contract and document involved in the buyng process until the final deed (Rogito).
Advicing about all the buyer's guarantees provided for by the Off-Plan property italian reform
Drafting the required power of attorney
Preparation of wills of italian property
Italian hineritance procedure
Land Registry investigation
Enquires in italian Companies House
Advicing on italian property Tax Law
Management of Real Estate Investment
Building Management
Legal due diligence
Negotiate the terms of a purchase or sale
Transaction of all kind of act and contract, both in italian and english language
Property rental contracts
Dealing with trusts
Property litigation
Commercial Law
Debt Recovery

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The firm is highly specialized in the advisory process of real estate acquisition, both in Italy and Serbia at a very competitive fees. We also provide legal assistance to foreign investors and promoters.
Our team will assist you managing the whole purchase process on your behalf.
Among the everyday activities we provide the following services: